Language Dynamics Group is committed to developing, validating, and disseminating empirically supported assessment and intervention materials and procedures for use with diverse children.

PEARL Kindergarten Screener - NOW AVAILABLE!

Accurately identify future decoding and comprehension difficulty in minutes!
Includes the following subtests:

Dynamic Assessment of Decoding
Dynamic Assessment of Language

Story Champs® Intervention

Products for purchase:
Story Champs® Level A/B Kit
New Extensions for Story Champs:
Story Champs® Blitz now available!
Writing Extension
Classroom Center Activity Extension

Narrative Language Measures (NLM)
Preschool Assessments

NLM Preschool Products/Downloads:
Test of Narrative Retell (TNR:P)
   (Newly updated Fall 2012!)
Test of Story Comprehension (TSC:P)
Test of Personal Generation (TPG:P)

Narrative Language Measures (NLM)
School-Age Assessments

NLM School-Age Products/Downloads:
Test of Narrative Retell (TNR:SA)
   (Kindergarten through Third Grade)
Test of Personal Generation (TPG:SA)

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